I am on a mission to use my wall tattoos to make a difference. Currently I am aiming to execute wall tattoos with an ocean theme all over South Africa and the world, to create awareness for saving the oceans.


Wall Tattoos

I film the drawing process and edit it into a film that feels like a meditation. In a collaborative art initiative addressing sexual violence, I created a wall tattoo in chalk of a young girl walking, then wiped away parts of the body.  The plight of the ocean is something I feel strongly about and currently, I am aiming to execute wall tattoos with an ocean theme in as many places as I can across the country, and the world, to create awareness for saving the oceans.

I use the process of tribal ‘tattoo style’ mark-making as a form of meditation and prayer while creating my giant ‘wall tattoos’.  I often film the creative process and make videos that address a critical issue. The end result is also a form of meditation for the viewer.The large format of the patterning draws you in as you contemplate its intricacies and repetition. Some patterns are from cultures all over the world, and some are instinctive, which makes them a universal language of expression.

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“Dance of the Dolphin”

Watch the video on YouTube

This Dolphin Wall Tattoo was executed on a wall at the Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane Dive Centre in Mozambique.

I filmed the process of creating the drawing, and then wove it with words and live footage of the wild dolphins at Ponta Malongane, to create a video that highlights the plight of the dolphins that are under threat from noise and plastics pollution. Watch the video on YouTube

“Dance of the Dolphin” by Brenda Loukes – at Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane Dive Centre, Mozambique


Details of “Dance of the Dolphin” Wall Tattoo


“In the Name of Love”

Watch video ” In the Name of Love”

The image of a young girl walking was drawn in chalk so that part of it could be wiped away, leaving a ‘broken’ body as the finished artwork.  This was done on a wall in the SoMa Art Gallery in Maboneng, Johannesburg.  It was part of the “SA’s Dirty Laundry” Art initiative and the group exhibition “The Things We Do For Love”, addressing sexual violence in South Africa . It ran in conjunction with the international campaign of 16 days of activism highlighting violence against women and children.  (25 Nov – 10 Dec 2016).

The initiative and some of the artworks (including the video of “In the Name of Love’) have also been featured in an online campaign by Marie Claire Magazine – addressing sexual violence on campuses in South Africa. Read the article on how artists are working with this issue, and see the full Marie Claire campaign here.


Brenda drawing “In the Name Of Love” – part of the art initiative “SA’s Dirty Laundry” which addressed the issue of sexual violence in South Africa (Maboneng, 2016)

Watch video ” In the Name of Love”


“Whale Shark and Turtle”

Watch video “Prayer for the Turtles” on YouTube

The Wall Tattoos below were commissioned for the massage rooms at the Aloha Life Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.  This sacred healing space is the home of Hawaiian Kahuna Massage in South Africa.  Using white paintmarkers, Brenda created giant ethereal ocean creatures, which appear to float as if in water.

Turtle Wall Tattoo at Aloha Life Centre wm.jpg


(Watch “Prayer for the Turtles” video)

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Whale Shark


“Ocean Theme with Humpback Whales” – a prayer for the ocean

A wall tattoo in a private apartment in Muizenberg, Cape Town


(Watch “Ocean Theme” Video)



” Underwater Seascape”

The “Underwater Seascape” Wall Tattoo below was commissioned for Tada Coffee Shop (now called Hang Ten) in Muizenberg, Cape Town – a surfer’s haven. These ocean creatures were hand drawn by Brenda directly onto the wall using permanent marker pen.



Commission a wall tattoo – email: loukesb@gmail.com


 Mandalas on Corrugated Iron Surface

Commissioned by a garden landscaper to reflect the red walls in the driveway of this home, the corrugated iron provided a new and delightful challenge for me, drawing circles over the waves of the surface. Adding the white highlights made the whole thing come alive.

See the video on YouTube.

Commission a wall tattoo – email:  loukesb@gmail.com



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