This page displays a selection of Art Journal Pages created by Brenda and photographed by Warren Johnson.  Each page can be printed up to A0 and can be framed or unframed.  Different lighting has been used for different moods.

Art Journal Art and Fear in Lounge
Art Journal Large Scale Print – Lounge in Bryanston

“These physical journals (books) were created in 2010 before my life underwent huge change. I used visual art journalling to process a lot of the questions and issues that were going round in my head. Writing words in a journal was no longer effective enough for my psyche. My artist self needed to express herself using the language of the subconscious mind – colour, texture, layering, and spontaneous mark-making.

When photographer Warren Johnson saw these books, and photographed them, I was hesitant about making these very personal pages public. But when these images are blown up to larger-than-life size, they go beyond the ordinary, and beyond the personal.They become extra-ordinary to see, and experience.They draw the viewer in to my internal world of struggle and questioning –   struggles and questions that so many people share.  In these works, the personal becomes public, and it is my hope that they will give support and courage to those who may be going through hard times.

The personal is not personal. My struggle is your struggle, and yours is mine.” Brenda