Dance has always been a part of my life.  In these Movement Paintings, which I call “Movement Signatures”, I use the fluid medium of ink and bleach to capture the essence of a person’s body in motion as they move.  It is the energy of the movement, and the flow of the bones of the body that interest me.  It is about the flow of energy and the way each person holds their body in space, that determines a person’s ‘movement signature’.

The medium of ink and bleach require me to work with flow, without hesitation.  Using photographs and video as my reference, I quickly catch the essence of the movement and the body. The random effect of the outcome is what delights me.  The painting will look completely different the next day, once the ink has dried, as the strokes I have made reveal themselves. The results are always intriguing, as a bone, or a hand or something that I did not intentionally highlight, stands out. It’s always a surprise.

I have done studies of people doing different kinds of movement, including different kinds of free dance, tai chi, tumbling and yoga.