Current ink-and-bleach paintings by Brenda Loukes.  Some have been entered into competitions in South Africa such as the Sasol New Signatures Competition and the Thami Mnyele Fine Art Award, where she was shortlisted for both exhibitions, which run until mid October 2016.


“In my work I explore the notion that creativity flows from the subconscious mind, which is part of the human psyche.  As humans, we are part of nature, and nature is the ultimate creative force.  I believe the impulse to create in humans comes from the same creative force that is nature.

I begin working from a state of no-thinking. I just begin drawing. As my hand moves in response to the impulse and energy that is inside me, the work that wants to come into form emerges. The work is more about mark-making and energy flow than any real constructed idea or story. The story emerges through the marks, and I then draw out the shapes and forms that I see. The resulting ethereal nature of the work invites the viewer to make up their own story.

The chemical reaction of the medium of ink and bleach creates random and unpredictable results that inspire new marks and build strong contrasts and tonal variations. A vast variety of mark-making is possible with this medium. The end result is semi-permanent and will fade in time – just like nature fades.”




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