Call For Participants for My Art Project Called “Tribe”

connectedness going inward (Small)

“We are all part of the human “tribe”, and this is what I hope this artwork will express.”

This is an invitation for any woman from the age of 17 upwards to participate in my research and be a part of an artwork that I am creating.

I am working on an art piece that addresses the issues of ‘belonging and identity’ in young women.  I have two daughters, aged 21 and 17.  From my own experience and that of friends and clients, I know that this stage of life is often fraught with tension around ‘how do I fit in’ and ‘where do I fit in’  for everyone, both men and women, but I am focusing on women.

My aim is to create an artwork that shows that we all feel the same feelings, go through the same life stages, experience the same emotions at some time in our lives.  These feelings can divide us, but they also unite us.  We can always feel that we belong somewhere, even if it is through feeling the same emotions as someone else. We are all having this human experience.  It is my intention to add a little healing to the planet, by expressing this through an artwork that unites people – regardless of race, religion, age, and hopefully gender too. ( I feel that some men will relate to this as well.)

I am not only an artist. I am also a healer and transformational massage therapist. (See more about Kahuna massage and bodywork here).  I work with people one-on-one, helping them to process all sorts of deep-seated emotions. This is what informs my work as an artist, and why I try to use my art to make a difference to the world. Through my healing work, I have witnessed the emotions that hold people in stuck places, and I’ve seen that we are, in our essence as human beings, all connected, and united.

In my artwork, I aim to make a difference in the world by making art that touches people deeply and moves them to think a little bit differently by opening up their hearts.

I thank you for being willing to be a part of this art project I call  “Tribe”.

We are all part of the human tribe, and this is what I hope this artwork will express.

The Project:

For my research, I am interviewing many women of all ages (after age 20).

From each interview, I will create a painting.

Each painting will form part of a large collection of similar paintings of many more women to make up one large artwork.

Please note that your identity will never be revealed.  I will only be painting your eyes and top of your head, and only your first name will be indicated.  You will remain anonymous.

What I will need from you:

  1. I need just 30 minutes of your time for a short interview between you and myself. (If you live outside of Johannesburg, we can conduct the interview via Skype.)
  2. While we are chatting, I will record your voice, so that I can reference it later. The recording will never be shared, but parts of it may be used (anonymously) for the artwork.
  3. I will take a photo of you – head and shoulders, looking into the camera.
  4. I will then ask you a few questions:
  • When you were in your late teens and twenties, how did you experience the world in terms of feeling that you belonged?
  • Did you feel you belonged, or not?
  • Where do you feel that you belong? Who / what is your tribe?
  • What were the overriding emotions that were with you during those years?  (name 3)
  • I will then ask you to close your eyes and do a short visualisation exercise and describe it to me.

I will guide you through this interview very gently, because I am aware of the sensitivity of the subject of emotions for many people, and the effect that going back into memories can have on some.  I trust that you will trust me and you will feel held through the process and be fine afterwards.

If you are interested in being part of this, please contact me via email: , or call me on 083 226 1967.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you choose to participate, I thank you in advance for adding to a bit of healing to the planet.

Warm wishes,



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