An Unexpected Journey – How My Art Turned Into Videos For Positive Change

For a while, I have been deeply pondering the question- how I can use my art and my healing knowledge as a Hawaiian Kahuna massage teacher and practitioner to make a difference in the world – beyond the art gallery goers and the people I see in my massage healing room?

The answer started to reveal itself on a beach in Hermanus in October last year, when I felt compelled to create this land art whale.  I woke my boyfriend up from his nap in the sun to video me working, and turned it into a video.  I had not planned the whale. I did not plan the video. I just followed my intuitive impulses.


Brenda working on Beached Whale e

It’s been an interesting journey from the first ‘wall tattoo’ that I did for “Tada coffee shop” in Muizenberg, to the latest one of the dolphin on a wall in Mozambique.

The works on walls are now becoming a form of prayer for the healing of the planet and people. The use of patterning in the works runs deeper than just a pretty pattern. The resulting videos that I edit promote awareness of issues to bring about positive change.

I grew up in a Catholic family, where prayers were a big part of my childhood. In my adult life, I’ve explored the concept of meditation. I see these artworks as both a meditative practice for healing, and a prayerful act.

Many ancient traditions used patterns as a form of meditation or prayer.  Patterns are seen in every culture, and while some are distinct, many cross over into other cultures.  As I am drawing, the style of patterning comes to me intuitively, as if from a primal place within me. I see the pattern as a mark that goes beyond cultural barriers, creating a universal language, and connecting us back to our primal, tribal essence, and to each other, regardless of race or religion.

I take the aspect of patterns one step further into the realm of psychology and spiritual growth.  In everything I have read on the subject of change, awareness of our patterns of thought and behavioural patterns is the starting point for change.  This is a journey I have been on since I was fourteen, and continue with in my healing practice, and now share with others. Awareness is key to changing old patterns that no longer serve us or the planet.

By filming the process of the making the piece, and creating a video of it, I aim to give the viewer the opportunity to share in the meditative aspect of the work, and be a part of the prayer, adding to the energetic wave of healing that I hope to induce.

By doing these ‘wall tattoos’ and making these videos, I hope to reach more people. The walls that I draw on are in spaces where many people have access to seeing the work, and by creating a video piece, the work has a wide reach via social media. Thus an artwork that is addressing an important issue can reach more people than if it was nicely framed in a gallery, where it will hang for only a short while and be seen by very few.

I will continue on my journey in this way, acting on the impulses that arise, and following where my intuition will lead me on my creative path as an artist and healer.

Thank you for following it with me. I hope these videos have some impact on creating awareness for positive change in our world.

Click on the images below to see the videos on YouTube.
Dance of the Dolphin


“In the Name Of Love”


“Prayer for the Turtles”


Brenda working on Beached Whale e
“Beached Whale in Hermanus”

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