Wall Doodling at the Seaside

I am officially a Wall Doodler! I guess it’s a form of graffiti, or it could be called a Wall Tattoo, but I’d rather call it a Wall Doodle.

This is a long overdue post about the Wall Doodle I was asked to execute in a coffee shop in Cape Town in Feb this year. Let me just say that this is my dream job!  Doodling on a wall, in a shop, at the sea, being fed superb crepes and delicious coffee, surrounded by surfers and tourists…. What more could an artist want? (oh, and I sold a bunch of my Doodle Journals too!)

What I thought would be a two day doodling job, turned into a detailed 4 day epic journey. Using Artline Permanent Markers, I thought initially that because it was a big wall, I’d be able to use big pens, but the bumpiness of the wall surface meant that I had to use small pens and work longer.  And it was such fun.

This was the view from my “Doodling Office” every day for four days in Muizenberg, Cape Town. (Living in Johannesburg, which has no sea, I am always grateful when I get the opportunity to be at the ocean).

20160214_150859 (Small)

The owner of Tada Coffee Shop  was so thrilled by the end result, that she wants to add the whale as a tattoo to her body!  What a compliment!

Here are some of the images from the Tada Coffee Shop Wall Doodle:


Thank you, Alex, for trusting me to draw on your walls. ( My mother alway scolded me for doing that when I was young!)

Tada Coffee Shop wall doodle tattoo with Alexa (Small)

And I’m really excited to be going down to Cape Town again soon, where I will be ‘Surfboard Doodling”.  (doodling images onto surfboards).  Can’t wait.

Amazing how when you doodle through life, what can happen 🙂

Want to commission a Wall Doodle of any theme for your own work or living space?

Contact me directly: loukesb@gmail.com

I plan to make these wall doodles available as Stick-On Wall Decals soon, which will be available for purchase via etsy.com

Watch this space, or email me for more info

BRENDA loukes sm

Artist and Wall Doodler 🙂

Wall Doodle Complete (Medium)
Doodle Wall complete

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