Start With Your Art

I’m busy reading Martha Beck’s book “Finding Your Way In A Wild New World”.  It’s a life-coaching book and a guide to finding your True Nature. I read this passage yesterday that confirms for me what I have been doing for the last few years; discovering my True Creativity by tracking my emotional world through the creative processes of art journalling and doodling.

She writes:

“Start With Your Art

Your art, as opposed to art in general, is any way your unique true nature expresses itself in the world of Form.  You can track it by looking for moments in your life when you felt fascinated, lost in the act of creation.”  

I have documented my emotional journey for years through art journalling and doodling (others say they are pen and ink drawings).

Art Journal artwork by Brenda Loukes ~ Photography by Warren Johnson

These Art Journals were created in 2010 before my life underwent huge changes.  I used visual art journalling to process a lot of questions and issues that were weighing heavily on my heart and going round in my head.  Written words on lined pages were no longer enough.  My artist self needed to express herself using the language of the subconscious mind – colour, texture, layering, and spontaneous mark-making (which I now call ‘doodling’). I was tracking my emotional process with Art. By getting lost in the fascination of colour and texture, and the act of creation, without an attachment to product, the issues gently and magically found resolution.

These journals were private.  But one day they were seen, and photographed, by photographer Warren Johnson.

I was hesitant to let them be seen by others. But when these images are blown up to larger-than-life size, they go beyond the ordinary, and beyond the boundaries of the personal. Many people who have seen them blown up comment on their power.

Martha Beck writes:

“Whatever you Form in a truly authentic way will be compelling to more people than just you, because as the psychologist Carl Rogers wrote, “What is most personal is most general”.  In this wild new world, as never before in all human history, you can find others who love your art, who will support you for creating anything your true nature finds beautiful, informative, nourishing, or healing.”

In these artworks, the viewer is drawn into my internal world of struggle, which is a struggle that many other people have. The personal is not personal.  We are all connected. We are all one. My struggle is your struggle, and yours is mine.

These art journal photographs are available for sale. Each one is part of a limited edition of 200 prints.  They can be printed as large as billboard size, on Archival Photographic Paper, or on Canvas.

To order or view: contact Brenda –

Outside of South Africa?  Prints can be shipped via courier.





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