Turning Ordinary Things into Something Remarkable

Art Journal Large Scale Print - Lounge in Bryanston
Art Journal Large Scale Print – Lounge in Bryanston

I’m blown away by how the ordinary becomes relevant when it’s made larger than life.  Bringing attention to the details of life is what makes life more interesting. And it is the job of an artist to do that.

Photographer, Warren Johnson, saw my journals and decided that they would make great photos. So has taken photos of my very personal and ordinary A4 visual journal pages and created large format digital prints from them. They have been transformed into extraordinary, larger than life journals on a wall.  So now, in these works, the personal has become public. And the ordinariness of my visual journals have become something remarkable.  Fascinating how scale and focus changes our perception of the world.

Here are some of the other journal photographs that can be printed on canvas or photographic archival paper to frame.  See more here….

Warren is a talented photographer, specialising in macro photography. He has an eye for spotting the tiniest detail on a flower, and bringing it to our attention with extreme care and attention, in his extraordinary photographs. These are a few of my favourites. See more here….


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