The Power of Drawing with Intuition

I Accept sm” I Accept”  – pen drawing on paper (610 x 430mm)

This work started off as a doodle – an intuitive dawdling of the pen on the page in tiny movements, creating small, concentrated marks, because I felt the need to express something, get it out, and I needed to calm my busy mind and wired nervous system.  As the small marks continued, I felt this sense of peace come over me. I sighed. And I felt the energy of acceptance release all the tension in my mind and my body. I let go.  I accepted.  And it felt good.

The marks then changed to lighter flowing marks, new ones that I had not made before.  The urge to write arose, and I waited to see what words they needed to be.  From the silenct depths of my mind,  the words “I ACCEPT”  came and dawdled on the page in swirls, then got concentrated in areas. More of the light, flowing marks played around for a while, and other areas intensified, as I turned the page around and around, following the flow of my pen and my hand, focussing my mind on the words and feelings of “I accept”.

When I took a step back, I saw the eagle. And the waves and the wind and the inner rings of old trees, and the marks that define the lay of the land in geography maps that I remember vaguely from school days. Nature was present. I was present.  I had accepted.

And then… things in my life started to flow again. The very next day. The power of drawing with intution.

This work is for sale.

Contact Brenda directly:


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