The Daily Doodle Update

Some of my latest Doodles ( Pen and Ink drawings on A5 paper, and any paper available to me)

All Doodles are for sale as originals (if not yet sold), or as hi res digital prints or files emailed to you.

To purchase contact Brenda:

doodle 6 Sept Soulpainting Workshop when the rains come illusion of duality and separation incomplete doodle 6 sept   the music is there if you listen untitled doodle 3 sept 2015 warrior ram 6 Sept  an elephant knows who she really is i forgot my doodle book  the busy busy mindwhile flying on a plane is this pegasus

winged one

The Barf Bag Collection: (thanks to Mango and Skywise)

take off (flight to CT 26 Aug)motion on a barf bag (thanks Skywise airline 26 Aug)said the spider to the fly on a barf bag


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