Doodles are Divinely Inspired Drawings

2015-07-29 07.37.52 sm

I’ve been doodling for years. So have you.  You just forgot. Or maybe you didn’t.  It is a Creative Impulse.

Communication and technology have deleted this impulse from our days.

Walking with a friend in the park the other day, she reminded me that we seldom talk on the phone like we used to, with idle hands, just listening and chatting to a friend.  Either we are texting, or on a computer. Both hands are occupied, and often, life is so full that we don’t even make time to chat idly to a friend or loved one.

For me, doodling calms my nervous system, reorganises my thoughts, and is as good as meditating and journalling  to keep my life on track.

Forgotten how to  Doodle?  Need to change your Doodling Habits?  Come to a DOODLE PLAYDATE with me. Read more…..


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